Technology Transfer

Technology transfer to the business world takes the form of intellectual property protection activities, patent management activities, in particular through the conclusion of licensing agreements, research activities and the provision of third-party services to companies and organisations outside the university, as well as support activities for new entrepreneurial initiatives in the form of spin-offs. More information can be found here.


The University of Trieste has several patents. The complete list can be found HERE.


What are academic spin-offs?

In the Italian context, the term 'spin-off' refers to a relatively recent phenomenon and indicates the birth of a new organisation created by budding off from another (literally 'pulled out') with the aim of utilising a wealth of knowledge accumulated previously but not properly utilised or oriented towards a specific productive use not falling within the institutional aims of the 'parent organisation'. More information on university spin-offs can be found HERE.


Who can a company looking for an academic partner for a project turn to?

The University of Trieste provides the territory and businesses with an important wealth of expertise and instruments in the main fields of industrial research. More information can be found HERE.


  • Ufficio Partecipate, Partnership e progetti strategici

Tatiana Bertolotti
Ufficio Partecipate, Partnership e Progetti strategici
Tel: 040 558.3092


Who can a student with an entrepreneurial idea turn to?

The Contamination Lab

The CLab is configured for the University as an aggregator of innovative pathways and laboratories, aimed at accelerating the orientation process towards the professional future of Units students, with a focus on supporting the creation of a new enterprise. The transversality between scientific disciplines is one of the project's founding elements. Hence the name Contamination Lab, a place where innovation is born from the collaboration between people coming from different paths. More information can be found here.

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