Students' wellbeing


DEAMS works for the well-being of the people who study and work in it. The Department has set up several initiatives exclusively for its students.

The Student's Wellbeing Tutor 


The Student Wellbeing Tutor is a student who listens to whoever feels like or needs to talk to someone, or is experiencing obstacles in their studies (e.g. in relation to psychological well-being, university life or study method). Any exchange will remain confidential.

More information here. 



Spaces for students


There are several areas exclusively for students: 

- lounge and relaxation area equipped with pouffes, tables, microwave, oven, etc. in the basement (Building D)

- a study room with a sea view on the fifth floor, with blackboards and copy machines (Building D)

- "noisy" study room on the -1 floor (Building D)


Other facilities


  • Accomodation, canteen service, transports and health services.  In the campus there is a canteen for students. More information about the canteen and the bookAmeal app can be found on the Ardis website.
  • Useful services also in relation to disability and dyslexia. 
  • Ardis also provides scholarships aimed at supporting the right to education and it organises events dedicated to the students' wellbeing. More information can be found here
  • The Student Council is formed by the student representatives and it is a linking body between professors, university authorities and students. More information about members and activities carried out by the Student Council can be found here. 
  •  In the same section of the website, you can also find information about student associations, the complete list can be found here


There are several associations that organize activities within the academic environment.  

Would you like to have an acting experience? Look at the university acting centre here. 


Are you into music, playing and singing? You can find more information about the university orchestra and choir here


Do you love sports, training, or playing chess? Would you like to try new sport activities? You can find more information here about the CUS -University Sport Centre, which organizes many sport activities for the staff and the students. 


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