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Due to measures assumed to contain the spread of COVID-19, the mode in which the Advanced Accounting exam for the summer 2020 session is to be executed is the following.

The exam will be taken exclusively in an oral form and remotely. The interview will be divided into two parts. The first part in which the students basic subject knowledge is tested and the second part, if required, where the students level of preparation will be proven.

It will be possible to register for the exam using the Esse3 portal. After registration every student will be given an indicative time in which the exam will take place. Depending on the number of students enrolled, the exams may be required to continue the day following that indicated.

The same criteria, as reported in the syllabus, will be used for the assignment of the final vote.

The exams will be held in the following dates:
[UPDATED] - first turn - 9th June (and next days if required)
- second turn – 6th July (and 7th July)

Further information will be available in the next days.

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