Industrial Organization (2009-2010)

Anno Accademico: 
Industrial Organization
Lucia Rotaris
The aim of the course is to study how to model and empirically analyze markets characterized by strategic interaction among firms. The course focuses on theory of the firm and the industry, with an emphasis on oligopoly theory, including oligopoly pricing and production, strategic entry deterrence, anticompetitive strategies, product differentiation, and contractual relations between firms. The reference book is “Industrial Organization” by Pelall, L, Richards, D. and Norman, G, although additional documents and papers will be used and handed out during the course.
Collegamento con altri insegnamenti: 
Basic Microeconomics review Competition, Monopoly, Efficiency, Market Power, Technology and Costs Monopoly power Price discrimination, Product differentiation, Commodity bundling and tie-in sales Oligopoly and strategic interaction Price and quantity competition, Static versus dynamic competition Anticompetitive strategies Price strategies (limiting pricing, predatory pricing), Collusion Contractual relations between firms Horizontal and vertical mergers, Vertical restrains Network externalities Insegnamento del II semestre. Procedure per il conferimento dell’incarico di docenza in corso di svolgimento
Testi consigliati: 
Pepall, L. Richards, D. e Norman, G. (2008) Industrial Organization, Blackwell Publishing, Orxford, UK.
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