Bortoluzzi Guido

Guido Bortoluzzi
040 5583130

Guido Bortoluzzi is Associate Professor in Management at the Department of Economics, Management, Mathematics and Statistics ‘‘Bruno de Finetti’’ of the University of Trieste (Italy). He is a lecturer of Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Business Modelling.

He received a PhD in Management from Ca' Foscari University of Venice.
He has been a visiting lecturer in several international institutions worldwide, including the University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, U.S.), Lingnan (University) College (Guangzhou, PRC), and ISM University of Economics and Business (Vilnius, LT).

His research interests deal with SMEs, strategy and international business. He has published in several international journals, including Harvard Business Review (German edition), International Marketing Review, European Management Journal and many others.

He currently coordinates the PhD Programme in Circular Economy

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Economia e gestione delle imprese
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Commissione Ricerca - Componente
Collegi dei dottorati - Coordinatore
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PHD15 - CIRCULAR ECONOMY - XXXVII CICLO Collegi dei dottorati - Coordinatore
PHD15 - CIRCULAR ECONOMY - XXXVIII CICLO Collegi dei dottorati - Coordinatore
DR15 - CIRCULAR ECONOMY - XXXIX CICLO Collegi dei dottorati - Coordinatore
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